Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Analyse how the producers construct representations of working class in the first 5/6 minutes including the opening credits.

You can watch the episode here.

We know that the living state might not be all great in this neighborhood.
This pictures is a bad representation of the working class as it represents them as people who cant afford a decent house.

This screen shot is of  Frank after one of his kids him on his head with an object. This shows the kids care for each other, as the person who hit frank, hit Frank to protect their brother from Frank.  This birds eye view shot show us the situation. 
 The kids lean forward to check if Frank is okay, this means that the kids do love and care for their father. Yet when Frank makes a sudden noise, the kids become scared and run away, this could mean they are also scared of their father, they could have ran to avoid getting hit by Frank. the screengrab below shows the kids running away.
The screenshot below is of people who live in the area, this long shot is effective as it show that they all have come together, but they have come together to look at a car on fire, which is a bad reresentation of the working class. We see kids acting in a wild manner.
As the opening credits continues, we find out
the community isnt the best, and that the family are living in a rough area, and their living state could be less than average.
People in this area dont have much money, we know this as when the boy went to tutor the girl, she couldnt pay him.

Ashes to Ashes Analysis

They want the audience to see Gene Hunt as a hero, they achieve this by giving him a dramatic entrance, which is emphasis by the soundtrack. The soundtrack is effective as it is fast paced and loud. His dialogue also shows that he is trying to be the hero, for example he said "Today my friend your diary entry will read, took a prozy hostage and shot by three armed bastards". He threatens the villain and trys to impress the woman. He is also shown as a hero through the angles of the shots, a high angle is used so show he has high authority and is a powerful man.
We also establish that he possibly could be wealthy due to the close up of his snake skinned shoes, as these shoes were trendy and expensive, it was a product for the upper class.
Ways to change our thoughts of Gene Hunt.
Gene Hunt is sexist as we can tell from his dialogue that he has small amount of repect for women, also emphasized by high angled shots, this could mean he is looking down at her. The through the womans legs shot shows that he sees her more as a object. To make Gene Hunt to be more as hero, he has to be less of a sexist, because a stereotypical hero would never look down on people. 
He could be seen to be too violent, as he threatens the villain that he will shoot him, and also that he points his gun at a unarmed man. To support his role as the hero, he would have to act smartly and talk to the villain and reason with him.

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Research on Shameless

Production company - Company Pictures
Company Pictures is one of the UK's largest independent film and television drama production
Known TV shows they have been involved with:
(2007) Skins
(2004) Shameless
(1981) Sons and Lovers.
In 1998 he set up Company Pictures with Charles Pattinson where he has been executive producer on all TV output and producer on the feature films Titanic Town, A Room for Romeo Brass and Morvern Callar.
This production also produce films.
the distribution
the representations the series deals with primarily


Ashes to ashes is about a character being sent back in time. She has been sent to the time where females are belittled and seen as the weaker sex, the director achieves to show us this by using camera angles, close ups shots, medium shots, long shots and editing.
The original time she is democratic, everyone is seen as equal, but profession females also have high power and high authority. The main character is shown from the first shot that her job gives her great power. The first shot is of her and of a girl which we quickly discover that she is the daughter of the woman.from the conversation we can tell that she is a divorcee, as she inquires about her daughters father. When she gets a call from work, we get the idea that she works for the police/ goverment, and from the way she responds to the call we could assume that her job is very important to her, which also could be the reason for the divorce. Yet we can also know that the woman does care for her daughter greatly, as we the her worry about her daughter when she is told that she is needed.
We she is told she is needed, using the dialogue the director tell us the woman is talked with great respect. Also when she is doing her job and starts talking to the criminal, the director uses a high angle when see her, but we see the criminal through a Normal medium shot, the high angle shots show that this female is high in the hierarchy of her job. This is confirmed when we see her identification card, showing that she works for the government.