Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Analyse how the producers construct representations of working class in the first 5/6 minutes including the opening credits.

You can watch the episode here.

We know that the living state might not be all great in this neighborhood.
This pictures is a bad representation of the working class as it represents them as people who cant afford a decent house.

This screen shot is of  Frank after one of his kids him on his head with an object. This shows the kids care for each other, as the person who hit frank, hit Frank to protect their brother from Frank.  This birds eye view shot show us the situation. 
 The kids lean forward to check if Frank is okay, this means that the kids do love and care for their father. Yet when Frank makes a sudden noise, the kids become scared and run away, this could mean they are also scared of their father, they could have ran to avoid getting hit by Frank. the screengrab below shows the kids running away.
The screenshot below is of people who live in the area, this long shot is effective as it show that they all have come together, but they have come together to look at a car on fire, which is a bad reresentation of the working class. We see kids acting in a wild manner.
As the opening credits continues, we find out
the community isnt the best, and that the family are living in a rough area, and their living state could be less than average.
People in this area dont have much money, we know this as when the boy went to tutor the girl, she couldnt pay him.

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